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Empower Yourself With What You Hold Inside

I am a reliable and experienced

eutaptics professional and certified Life Coach and Dream Builder Coach, who specializes in working with people who are ready to be empowered with life-changing skills. I believe each of us deserves to live more present, happy, and peaceful. Let go of the pain in your past.

Live your full potential!

About Me

I was a shy child.  Trying to please my mom, dad, teachers, pastor, friends, relatives and neighbors.  I was ultra responsible from a very young age and just didn't understand why others could just act like "water off a duck's back" when life was so serious.  I married young and was divorced by the age of 30, with three children in tow, home schooling, stay-at-home-momming it - I was on my own!  


My journey for learning how to deal with stress, injury and chronic pain started in 2011.  Life felt  unbearable and I needed to look for other ways to deal with anxiety, depression, health issues and stress.  It was bad!  


I remember not being able to get out of bed and just crying all day.  I ended up having a miscarriage. It was like I was a little teeny boat in the middle of a hurricane just struggling to stay afloat!  I searched. I prayed. I finally found answers and started learning how to change my subconscious mind to get fast results and relief. 

It worked. 

Then in 2017 I was scheduled for a total knee replacement. Swelling, arthritis, no acl, no meniscus and no cartilage were the diagnosis (by 3 doctors!).  I was looking for options and praying for a different answer!  I went back to learning memory transformation and it shifted my pain quickly.  I had a session with a Fastereft practitioner and used other healthy pain relief options and 2 weeks later I cancelled my total knee replacement appointment. 


My brain was wired for worry and anxiety.  I now know how to release it and rewrite it. I know how to live holding peace, health and happiness. I learned that what I hold inside, is creating a result and that result directly affects my pain, suffering and emotional state.  The worry program can be changed... and it has!  I now have clients that declare, "Work a miracle, Tammy!" 

 I feel like I found that carefree kid again.  

Let's live life having more fun!  Are you with me? 

Change your unconscious programs through logical investigation and eliminate false beliefs


Change resides INSIDE you.   Let me be the example.

 His face was distorted with a mixture of rage and sadness. I couldn't change what was going on and it seemed as though I couldn't help him understand that I was doing my best to help him. Frankly, I didn't know how to help. Whatever I had tried had backfired and I just didn’t have the tools to help him speak.  The worst moment was when the moment I realized he had ran away.  It was like a bolt of lightening through my body.  I was paralyzed and jumping out of my skin at the same time.  I couldn’t stop the tiny trembles that made me numb.  I called his dad.  I searched. I called neighbors and we searched. Then there was the police and his mother and God be praise, we found him.  He didn’t stay for long though because he was determined to find a way to not be part of our family. He found that way and was out of our lives completely for about 5 years.


When a child is estranged, it feels completely hopeless.


Thank God that I smashed my toe which brought up an old knee injury which set me on a course of finding answers rather than go through a total knee replacement.  Through all of that, I learned something about how past experiences hold the emotional code that creates matching results.  I used my knowledge to update the past memory capsules with Isaac. I used that knowledge to rewrite the story of the night he ran away. I used it to rewrite the story of the challenges and problems and what I thought he thought of me.  I rewrote the story in the summer of 2019.


On Christmas 2020, Isaac called out of the blue and asked to come visit for Christmas. It was like old times, but better.  Everything seemed just as I had written it.  At one moment, he took me aside and apologized. I realized I was totally healed when I told him, there wasn't any need for an apology, and I TOTALLY meant it. I didn't feel vindicated or deserving of an apology and especially not like he owed me one. I realized then that I had learned the secret to creating a relationship the way I want it to be. It felt like it was normal to have him there.  No need for an apology. It was a powerful moment of BEING what I talk about.


It's so amazing that it actually worked!!


I’m so elated every time it happens! I feel as though I'm experimenting with my own life to see if it really is true and every time it works!  There are more and more things happening that prove my memories are driving and are causing my future. It gets easier and easier to rewrite it the way I want it.  I want all my memories to serve a greater purpose.  To serve me and my family, but also my God.  I now know the full power of forgiveness. Forgiveness that makes it feel as though it never happened, it doesn’t taint my experience with anyone, and it doesn’t leave me in a hopeless state.  Forgiveness that looks back and sees the WIN/WIN because there is love for everyone in a memory.  The memory that was driving me to feel sad, mad, hurt and destroyed.


I want all my memories to serve me. When my memories are loving, kind and peaceful, it’s amazingly fulfilling!  I especially get great joy when I integrate with someone that left me abused, injured and wounded.  Integrate the love into all people in that memory and then all I need is the patience for it to be real.  That’s the kind of faith that believes what isn’t seen.  And I’m doing it.


The one thing I know is that LOVE serves. And it serves me the best outcome.  Outcomes that I could only imagine.  And I did. I did imagine, until it became a reality.

Having  a life that’s full of loving, joyful and peaceful memories is 💥💥dynamite!💥💥

Tammy Magnuson

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