Empower Yourself With What You Hold Inside

I am a reliable and experienced

Eutaptics professional and certified life coach, who specializes in working with people who are ready to be empowered with life-changing skills. I believe each of us deserves to live more present, happy, and peaceful. Let go of the pain in your past.

Live your full potential!

About Me

I was a shy child.  Trying to please my mom, dad, teachers, pastor, friends, relatives and neighbors.  I was ultra responsible from a very young age and just didn't understand why others could just act like "water off a duck's back" when life was so serious.  I married young and was divorced by the age of 30, with three children in tow, home schooling, stay-at-home-momming it - I was on my own!  My journey for learning how to deal with stress effectively and effortlessly really started in 2011.  Life felt  unbearable and I needed to look for other ways to deal with anxiety, depression, health issues and stress.  It was bad!  I remember not being able to get out of bed and just crying all day.  I ended up having a miscarriage. It was like I was a little teeny boat in the middle of a hurricane just struggling to stay afloat!  I searched. I prayed. I finally found answers and started learning how to change my subconscious mind to get fast results and relief.  It worked.  Then in 2017 I was scheduled for a total knee replacement. Swelling, arthritis, no acl, no meniscus and no cartilage were the diagnosis (by 3 doctors!).  I was looking for options and praying for a different answer!  I went back to learning memory transformation and it shifted my pain quickly.  I had a session with a Fastereft practitioner and used other healthy pain relief options and 2 weeks later I cancelled my total knee replacement appointment.  My brain was wired for worry and anxiety.  I now know how to release it and rewrite it. I know how to live holding peace, health and happiness. I learned that what I hold inside, is what I keep producing.  The worry program can be changed... and it has!  I now have clients that declare, "Work a miracle, Tammy!" 

 I feel like I found that carefree kid again.  

Let's live life having more fun!  Are you with me? 

Change your unconscious programs through logical investigation and eliminate false beliefs

Tammy Magnuson