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The Secret to Talk Nicely (to yourself)!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

What percentage of the time are you “talking” nicely to yourself?

There is a direct link to what you remember and how you feel! This is your self-talk! What that means is if I ask you to tell me a time that you treasure, that you had so much fun, that you were on top of the world, you will remember those same good feelings.

If I ask you to tell me a time you had something terrible happen, you will feel those feelings.

The tricky thing about our brain is that it will go to the terrible, sad and awful feelings more often and longer if we allow it to. That’s it’s job – to perceive what happened in the past and predict the future to keep us safe! Safe Safe Safe Safety Safe.

How much danger are you in?

When we grow up and have more control over our life, we can make better choices to not be in danger.. but do we?

Our brain is efficient and it creates paved highways to feelings we grew up with. Is our highway leading to sadness, fear, anger, revenge, sleeplessness, anxiety or jealousy? It’s more work to take the road less traveled – windy, narrow, slow, possibly dangerous….

However if the main road keeps leading to feelings we don’t want, we can change it! If the problems we are having are uncomfortable enough and we are ready for a change – we can!

Try the road less travelled – the path that remembers that especially happy day. That especially loving day. That especially giving day. The day you felt amazing, treasured, loved, and chosen.

Build the pathway, flatten it, pave it, run on it, use it, till all the thoughts run down it easily and effortlessly… and your self-talk will change.

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