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The Secret to Sleeping Soundly!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Can’t sleep?

Learn the key to switching off your brain and sleeping deeply!

What you think about creates feelings... try it! Think of a nice juicy lemon, peel it. Squeeze it and smell it. Taste it. Saliva!! We have feelings that create physical results.

Plain and simply, feelings create chemicals.

Chemicals help us sleep and relax or help us run and fight!

Focus on where you fall asleep easily – the car? A rainy day? After Thanksgiving meal? On vacation? After hard physical labor? In the sun? On the beach? Feel those feelings of just falling into sleep easily and how you just went deeper without trying. Allow your thoughts to stay on relaxation. Go back to a time when you felt so relaxed and comfortable. Look at yourself resting soundly and peacefully. Go snuggle up next to that safe, comfortable and relaxed child and rest. Breathe deeply. Rest, dear one.

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