Silence the inner critic and

quit hitting your upper limit!

It's time to turn worry into wisdom

and fear into fun. 

Let's reclaim your true-self today!

 I facilitate positive people who want to have the insight and tools to transform worry, panic and anxiety into wisdom and fun!  For parents, the tools can feel like you finally get your child back.  Learn it for yourself and your family.  Raise great kids, connect deeply, and understand their thinking while being skilled at implementing the most relevant brain science. We aren't taught how to create successful kids in a difficult world, 

we just need some skills!

Facilitating dramatic results!  Quick. Effortless. Painless.

Complimentary Breakthrough Call

Albert Einstein


Tammy was such a delight to work with. She had such a kind spirit but the session was also very concise. I had so much energy after our session. Totally recommend her! ~Stephanie, USA

Eliminate Craving!

Tammy subtly, yet very successfully changed my weakness for white cake with buttercream frosting! She traced the emotional link back to several feel good birthday celebrations!  Once she broke that link and removed the “love” in cake, the cycle was broken. I now eat cake on occasion, one piece is enough and I don’t want more. Cake doesn’t fill my emotional bucket anymore, leaving me in control! Tammy is professional, concise and makes changes! I highly recommend her! ~Cindy, USA

Release pain!

Hi Tammy,


I wanted to tell you that I am feeling great.  My leg doesn't hurt and I stopped taking the Aleve a couple of days ago.

You are truly a miracle worker.  Patricia, USA



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The Cost for Change

1 hour to change a memory, feeling or sensation - $129

2 hours of deep subconscious reprogramming $220

5 hours of dramatic change and reimprinting $479

10 hours of extraordinary belief and inner subconscious healing $799

6 weeks Tammy in your pocket

  *2 hour/week private 1 to 1

  *1 hour group meeting/wk

  *private FB group for Q and A

  *4 - 30 minute help line         $999




Tammy Magnuson