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Tammy Magnuson
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Age-Proof Yourself: Unleash the kid within!

 Transformational coaching and thrilling monthly adventures that infuse you with joy and youthful energy. Join a proven. reliable. repeatable system to energize the weary entrepreneur: discover even more potential and ignite creativity, prosperity,

and connection.

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Tammy Magnuson

Need INSTANT stress relief?

Get your free prompts to create more  joy instantly. The Secret way to journal for natural and lasting happiness is to know what to practice. With the fast paced nature of the modern world, you need effective stress techniques and coping strategies for inner peace that are designed to work for YOU.

If you have an issue, contact Tammy! She is an amazing practitioner and I felt so at ease with her working on my weight issue. She is a compassionate and loving person and digs through your issues to get to the point you never believed could be related. What I believe was really helpful is that we did 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks. We worked on several memories and every time was different. The weight problem itself was just the main theme in the beginning and then we treated itchy, swollen eyes to stress management over attitude towards my parents.  After every session I felt LIGHTER, full of hope and energy and before I could get trapped in daily routine again, the next session was scheduled.  So 3 weeks later I still cannot believe the changes that occur: out of the blue I got an invitation from my Mum and we spent a really nice day together, no itchy eyes so far, stress at the job has even get worse, but I’m so proud of myself how well I can handle it and last but not least,..., I already lost several pounds not even knowing how.

Thank you Tammy for all this great help and support!! Love you!  Pascale, Ireland

There is a secret to being naturally happy and

these excercises will rewire your brain for automatic happiness.

Happiness is an inside job, so you will need to know what

creates it inside you.

I'll also stay connected to provide you with valuable

tips and tools as well as let you know of fun events! 

I'm committed to connecting you with an even

more fun and fulfilling life!  Grab it now.

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Having fun creates:

*Result Activation  *Procrastination Prevention   *Moving towards goals faster  *Stopping self-sabotage *Motivation  *Natural positivity
*Being in a constant state of healthy emotions *Emotional *Intelligence *Patience *Being present *Thinking clearly *Forgiveness *Generosity *Making a difference *AUTHENTICITY *Purpose *PASSION *Happiness *

Want these results?

Experience the power of fun to fuel your creativity, enhance your well-being,

and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Tammy Magnuson


Tammy was such a delight to work with. She had such a kind spirit but the session was also very concise. I had so much energy after our session. Totally recommend her! ~Stephanie, USA

Tammy Magnuson

Eliminate Craving!

Tammy subtly, yet very successfully changed my weakness for white cake with buttercream frosting! She traced the emotional link back to several feel good birthday celebrations!  Once she broke that link and removed the “love” in cake, the cycle was broken. I now eat cake on occasion, one piece is enough and I don’t want more. Cake doesn’t fill my emotional bucket anymore, leaving me in control! Tammy is professional, concise and makes changes! I highly recommend her! ~Cindy, USA

Tammy magnuson

Release pain!

Hi Tammy,


I wanted to tell you that I am feeling great.  My leg doesn't hurt and I stopped taking the Aleve a couple of days ago.

You are truly a miracle worker.  Patricia, USA

Tammy Magnuson

Let's Chat!

What's in

Your Subscription to Fun?

Are you a midlife entrepreneur looking to infuse more fun and excitement into your busy life? The exclusive Fun Subscription is tailored specifically for individuals that don't make enough time for fun! Get ready to unlock a world of joy, adventure, and rejuvenation.

Here's what your Fun Subscription includes:

  1. Curated Experiences: Each month, we'll create a selection of fun experiences!  From unique workshops and classes to thrilling activities and events, we'll make sure you have a the time of your life!  Immerse yourself in new hobbies, explore your passions, and discover hidden talents, all while having a blast!

  2. Fun IS Proactive Self-care: As a midlife entrepreneur, self-care is essential for maintaining balance and well-being. Your Fun Subscription will include rejuvenating experiences such as spa treatments, wellness activation, and mindfulness sessions. Take a break from your busy schedule, unwind, and recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded midlife entrepreneurs who believe that fun is a vital ingredient for success. Network and share experiences, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections. Surround yourself with a supportive community that understands the importance of injecting joy into your entrepreneurial journey.

  4. Surprise Bonuses: As a token of appreciation, we'll sprinkle in surprise bonuses throughout your subscription. These delightful surprises could range from small gifts and discount vouchers to exclusive events or even personalized recommendations based on your interests. We want to ensure that your Fun Subscription is filled with unexpected moments of delight and excitement.

  5. Expert Guidance: As part of your subscription, you'll have access to weekly professional coaching with a repeatable, reliable and proven system to eliminate stress, overwhelm and confusion and it's infused with FUN! Tammy will be there to provide valuable insights, advice, and encouragement. Whether you need guidance on work-life balance, personal growth, relationships, health or finding inspiration, Tammy will be just a call or message away.

Join The Fun Subscription and let us help you infuse more joy and excitement into your journey.


Age is a number: the key to a fulfilling life is to prioritize fun! Allow the power of fun to fuel your creativity, enhance your well-being, and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and you deserve to have fun along the way. So, go ahead, subscribe to fun, and let's embark on this incredible adventure together!

To unleash the fun within, reach out today. Let's make your journey even more joyful!   Make that trip to the well.  You can't pour from an empty cup.

Terra, USA

Tammy is fantastic. She listens well, has a fun attitude and meets you wherever you are at the moment in order to help you overcome your struggle and move forward.

Boguslawa, CA

I just had a Breakthrough Discovery Session with Tammy Magnuson and she is the star, she really knows what question to ask. Now I know what is the problem. In million years, I will never even think to go there where Tammy walked me through. Tammy ask me the simple questions and I had no answers – of course, because there was nothing, so Tammy ask other questions and boom here is everything. Thank you, Tammy, so much for your help, I do appreciate it so much. You are amazing!!!

With Love and Peace

April, USA

My daughter and I love Tammy!! She has been doing sessions with my daughter and the results have been mindblowing! My daughter was suffering from many symptoms and past traumas. After just 3 sessions so far, she has managed to crack her shell open! We are looking forward to seeing her transformations continue. Thank you so much Tammy!!

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