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You can heal faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Find out what you CAN do! 


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If you have an issue, contact Tammy! She is an amazing practitioner and I felt so at ease with her working on my weight issue. She is a compassionate and loving person and digs through your issues to get to the point you never believed could be related. What I believe was really helpful is that we did 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks. We worked on several memories and every time was different. The weight problem itself was just the main theme in the beginning and then we treated itchy, swollen eyes to stress management over attitude towards my parents.  After every session I felt LIGHTER, full of hope and energy and before I could get trapped in daily routine again, the next session was scheduled.  So 3 weeks later I still cannot believe the changes that occur: out of the blue I got an invitation from my Mum and we spent a really nice day together, no itchy eyes so far, stress at the job has even get worse, but I’m so proud of myself how well I can handle it and last but not least,..., I already lost several pounds not even knowing how.

Thank you Tammy for all this great help and support!! Love you!  Pascale, Ireland

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I like to stay connected and provide you with valuable tips and tools

along with a way to answer your questions and let you know about events. 

Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to hear from me. 

Connecting on a deep level is very important to me and I'm committed to being the best part of living your happy, calm, purposeful best life!

Living in alignment with your goals creates:

Result activation
Moving towards goals faster
Stopping self-sabotage

The active, fun, healthy body you want!  
Natural positivity
Being in a constant state of healthy emotions
Emotional Intelligence
Caring for yourself - TRUE self care
Being present
Thinking clearly
Making a difference

I transformed my inner child and created a whole set of results I desired: an estranged child back into my life, a pain-free, healed knee, a child that will talk to me, a husband who has a happy wife, traveling even during a pandemic, and stress free FUN!
  If I can do it, I know you can and YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Let's have a conversation about you! 


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"We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Image by Fernando Brasil


Tammy was such a delight to work with. She had such a kind spirit but the session was also very concise. I had so much energy after our session. Totally recommend her! ~Stephanie, USA

Image by JoelValve

Eliminate Craving!

Tammy subtly, yet very successfully changed my weakness for white cake with buttercream frosting! She traced the emotional link back to several feel good birthday celebrations!  Once she broke that link and removed the “love” in cake, the cycle was broken. I now eat cake on occasion, one piece is enough and I don’t want more. Cake doesn’t fill my emotional bucket anymore, leaving me in control! Tammy is professional, concise and makes changes! I highly recommend her! ~Cindy, USA

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Release pain!

Hi Tammy,


I wanted to tell you that I am feeling great.  My leg doesn't hurt and I stopped taking the Aleve a couple of days ago.

You are truly a miracle worker.  Patricia, USA



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Tammy offers a 90 day program that shifts your pain!

Finally your results can change effortlessly!

"Tammy in my pocket" package and here it is:

6 month package includes:

  1. Welcome package for detailed analysis 

  2. Find your limiting beliefs (90 minute session) 

  3. Weekly 60 minute session

  4. Learn skills and tools to manifest your goals 

  5. "You can change yourself" document 

  6. Leather bound Happy Journal.   

  7. 10 Power Questions

  8. Dream Builder Kit

  9. Daily Meditations

  10. Workbook

  11. Weekly lessons

Be empowered with the tools to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  

12 Week Package Includes:

  1. 10 Power Questions

  2. Dream Builder Kit

  3. Daily Meditations

  4. Workbook

  5. Weekly lessons

  6. Leather Bound Happy Journal

  7. Weekly 60 minute sessions

Find your soul's purpose and get the passion to Be it Do it and HAVE it.

Live the life you love!! 

The future you is ready!  
Let's find your inner secrets that get you there.

Terra, USA

Tammy is fantastic. She listens well, has a fun attitude and meets you wherever you are at the moment in order to help you overcome your struggle and move forward.

Boguslawa, CA

I just had a Breakthrough Discovery Session with Tammy Magnuson and she is the star, she really knows what question to ask. Now I know what is the problem. In million years, I will never even think to go there where Tammy walked me through. Tammy ask me the simple questions and I had no answers – of course, because there was nothing, so Tammy ask other questions and boom here is everything. Thank you, Tammy, so much for your help, I do appreciate it so much. You are amazing!!!

With Love and Peace

April, USA

My daughter and I love Tammy!! She has been doing sessions with my daughter and the results have been mindblowing! My daughter was suffering from many symptoms and past traumas. After just 3 sessions so far, she has managed to crack her shell open! We are looking forward to seeing her transformations continue. Thank you so much Tammy!!

Tammy Magnuson

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