Remember the fun you?
She's still there. Inside you!
You've been searching for the solution to bring back the

energetic YOU! 
Quit self-sabotaging!
Easily rise above and feel

motivated, connected

 and focused.

You are created to make a difference!

So let's set her free.

Hey Friend


Living in body, mind and spirit alignment.

You can get the active, fun, healthy body you want!  

I confuse bad memories so much that they change!

Positive people just want answers to getting the life they want.

  HOW do I stop this thought?

HOW do I quit nagging? 

HOW do I feel better? 

HOW do I forgive? 

HOW do I forget?

HOW do I live differently? 

You want tools to transform your thoughts and just have more fun!

You want to learn and understand the tools to

implement the most relevant brain science.

Facilitating dramatic results!  Quick. Effortless. Painless.

Complimentary Breakthrough Call

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Image by Fernando Brasil


Tammy was such a delight to work with. She had such a kind spirit but the session was also very concise. I had so much energy after our session. Totally recommend her! ~Stephanie, USA

Image by JoelValve

Eliminate Craving!

Tammy subtly, yet very successfully changed my weakness for white cake with buttercream frosting! She traced the emotional link back to several feel good birthday celebrations!  Once she broke that link and removed the “love” in cake, the cycle was broken. I now eat cake on occasion, one piece is enough and I don’t want more. Cake doesn’t fill my emotional bucket anymore, leaving me in control! Tammy is professional, concise and makes changes! I highly recommend her! ~Cindy, USA

Image by Noah Silliman

Release pain!

Hi Tammy,


I wanted to tell you that I am feeling great.  My leg doesn't hurt and I stopped taking the Aleve a couple of days ago.

You are truly a miracle worker.  Patricia, USA



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Work with Tammy

Tammy offers a 90 day program that shifts the memories that are driving your brain.  

Finally your results can change effortlessly!

You didn't realize you were working against your brain and

It's not your fault! 
It's just what you learned.


Limiting beliefs have a MAJOR impact on your money, time, personality and your results. 
You just don't know what the programs and limiting beliefs are.  Knowing them and knowing what to do about them makes makes all the difference!

90 days includes:

  1. Welcome package for detailed analysis.

  2. Find your limiting beliefs (2 hour onboarding)

  3. Every week 60 minute "change your subconscious program session"  where we change memories effortlessly.

  4. Change your limiting beliefs secret sauce

  5. 2 WEEKLY group coaching inner circle meetings 

  6. Facebook group for Q and A and friends!

  7. Skills and tools to create your own manifesting mindset!

  8. Audio for manifesting your dreams!

  9. "You can change yourself" document.

  10. Re-create your self-image and feel your worth.

    You will be empowered with the tools to change your life.  ~Guaranteed~


The future you is waiting to meet you!  
Let's find your inner secrets that get you there.

Tammy Magnuson